Female Empowerment Planner Sticker Sheets 6pcs

SGD $18.90

These stickers are the perfect mix of motivation and sass, and they're sure to awaken the inner girl boss in you!


Specifications & features include:

  • 6 sticker sheets per pack, totaling over 205 unique stickers!
  • A variety of adorable, hand-drawn icons and hand-lettered phrases to help decorate and enhance your planner
  • Stickers include "this year is for blooming,” “set the world on fire,“ “here's to strong women,” "empowered women empower women" and much more!
  • These stickers are meant to decorate, inspire, and add some fun to your day! Use these stickers in conjunction with our classic, holiday and productivity sticker packs to round out your collection
  • Great for decorating your planner, decorating cards, scrapbooks, laptops, etc.




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