Teacher Planner Sticker Sheet 6pcs

SGD $18.90

Awesome sticker sheet pack JUST for teachers out there! The perfect pairing with our Teachers Planner or any other planner you are using! 


Specifications & features include: 

  • 6 unique sticker sheets per pack, totaling 430 Stickers! 
  • Page 1 includes a variety of hand-drawn icons like "I like big books and I cannot lie," "teaching is a work of heart," "flix n' grade," "eat, teach, sleep," and much more! 
  • Page 2 allows you to track quizzes and quizzes (you can color code by subject if you have multiple!) Other stickers on this page include "don't forget!", "today's goals," coffee icons and more
  • Page 3 includes stickers for midterms, exams, half days, sick days, grades due, report cards, and more. 13 simple dot stickers in 6 different colors allow you to easily color-code events in your planner!  
  • Page 4 has stickers for meetings, lesson planning, in-service days, professional development days and more. This page also includes stickers to celebrate birthdays! 
  • Page 5 tracks deadlines, days off, seasonal breaks, testing days, when school starts and ends, class party stickers and much more! 
  • Page 6 includes more adorable hand drawn icons and fun hand-lettered sayings like "watch me click, now watch me grade-grade," "oh, the places you'll go" and much more! 
  • Great for decorating your planner, decorating cards, scrapbooks, and more! 



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