Teal Planning System Daily To Do Pad, 6" x 9" (60 sheets)

SGD $18.90

Bloom's Planning System Daily To-Do Pad is the perfect tool to tackle your day intentionally, and in style! Use these lists as a daily "brain dump" to get all of the chatter out of your head and down onto paper. Put everything in it's box and get to work! This pad design has empowered thousands of women take control of their days and maintain a more balanced, productive lifestyle. 


Specifications and features include: 

  • Dimensions: 6" wide x 9" tall x .4" thick, 0.3kg
  • Fields include 3 "must do today!" lines, 13 "other to-do" lines, 1 "important times" section, 1 "to buy" section, 1 "today I'm grateful for" section, 1 "meals" section, and 1 "exercise" section 
  • Bottom of each sheet features water tracking! Mark off your 8 glasses of water a day to stay healthy! 
  • 60 tear off sheets per pad! 
  • Each pad comes shrink wrapped for protection



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